If you are interested in volunteering in our Children’s Ministry…..

We are excited and have many opportunities for you to serve within our ministry. It’s our goal to help you find a place where you can use your God-given gifts to invest in the lives of children. First, let us ease your mind about a few things:

You don’t have to be an expert. Each member of our Children’s Ministry team has one thing in common: we are passionate about children and passionate about God. ?If you have a heart to love God and a desire to help children discover a relationship with Him, then you have the two ingredients necessary to become a leader in our ministry. You do not need a degree in education or to be a parent to be a great leader. We will equip and train you for your ministry.

You don’t need all the time in the world. We have many ways that you can lead children in a time frame that will work for you. In just an hour and a half each week, you will be able to form relationships with children and their parents that will communicate love and value, not only from you but also from God. You have choices in when and how you serve. You can serve during our Sunday morning 11:00am service or Tuesday night at 6:30pm service. You can serve with preschoolers or elementary age children.

You will not be alone.You will be supported in your ministry through the Children’s Ministry staff and your co-leaders. We want to encourage, equip, energize and empower you for ministry.

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Getting involved in any ministry can seem overwhelming. We want to put your mind at ease and answer any questions you have. We look forward to getting to know you and helping you find where God has shaped you to be. It will be exciting to watch God at work in you and through you as you minister to His children.

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